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Live Gamma Data

Onsa & Friends use a suite of systematic tools.  

We develop smart, proprietary tools that showcase dealer positioning

Live Gamma Data + Discord

  • Real-Time Gamma Data on $SPX $SPY $QQQ

  • Gamma Request Bot Channel for nearly any ticker on S&P & NASDAQ

  • Real-Time Admin Trades

  • Educational PDFs and Videos

  • Community Collaboration & Chat

Trading With Friends

Onsa was originally known as OnlySans, launched in 2021, courtesy of Co-Founder San's name. One of the primary goals of our group is to provide a place of betterment. We are a community of over 1000+ members strong, but we are first and foremost friends. As friends, we help each other, be it in trading, for real-life problems, or sharing joys of the day-to-day. It is both with great pride and joy that we welcome you to the community. All the mods have an open DM policy. Please feel free to DM directly if you have any questions or feedback.

TradingView: Lucid Algo

  • Package of indicators on TradingView to build your own trading system

  • Lucid Scalp: low timeframe scalp signals for $ES

  • Lucid Levels: pivots and order blocks to estimate levels

  • Lucid Swing: high timeframe swing signals for $ES

  • Lucid Trends: triangulates commonly used indicators to spot confluence

  • and more!

Live Gamma Data + Discord


TV Lucid Algo + Discord


Bundle and Save 20%:

Live Gamma Data + Discord

+ TV Lucid Algo

$154  $123/mo

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